To whom is it addressed to?

>> Our proposals are mainly for companies that are active in the catering and hospitality industry, restaurants, taverns, hotels, rooms to let, as well as delicatessen, grocery, café-bar.
>> New category of advisory and certification in polymorphically farms, small cottage industries, producers.

What do we do?
Food styling – in an existing menu
Food cost - cost profitability per dish
Staff training or selection of new staff
New menu with Food styling & catalog with static or circular selection: with seasonal dishes or repeated in every 15 days (fashion trend calculation, vegetarian, vegan, organic products, etc.)
Photography of dishes
Raw materials -suppliers, new products
Purchases of products (dishes of other kind, uniforms, aprons, equipment, hygiene, certifications -HACCP, ISO)
Openings or periodical events, Food tasting
Maintenance conditions, correct temperature
'Food Recycling'
Waste management

Planning an organization chart (who listens to whom) on which definition of responsibilities
Business monitoring every three or six months or 1 year

Representing your business in exhibitions in Greece or abroad

Marketing: promoting your product to foreign markets