Grecofood can organize for you amateur or professional cooking lessons in any region of Greece you are interested in:

The cooking lessons can concern:

** Visitors to our country who are lovers of Greek food (families, couples, group of friends, companies-activities for their staff-Team Building)
** Chefs of all nationalities who want to enrich their knowledge of Greek cuisine or learn entire recipes, philosophy, and folklore of Greek cuisine and to apply it to their kitchens.
** General professionals in the catering and hospitality area, businesses providing food, drinks and accommodation.

Where do they take place?
Depending on the number of persons, the individual, and the needs of the cooking lessons:

**Restaurants-catering areas suitably tailored to the needs
** Multifunctional Farms
**Homes in villages with the authentic housewife of the house

Who gives cooking lessons?

**Professional Chefs
** Experienced housewives


Throughout the year

In what regions-cities?

Nafplio, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Athens, Kalamata and other regions upon request.


From 3-4 hours
Depending on your free time and the overall experience you want to gain, you can combine other parallel activities such as:

Collection of wild greens and herbs, harvest of olives, oranges, small tours on the paths and sights of each region, milking sheep and goats, cheese making etc.


Depending on the people, menus, parallel activities.

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