Our Vision

The promotion of Greek Gastronomic Traditions, of the special tastes and the nutritional value of Greek local cuisine, starting with the Mycenaean civilization, since the origin of the founder-inspirer is Argos, Argolis.

Our Goals

* The promotion of the local products through their connection with the folklore history and the culture of the place. This relationship gives good value to products by enhancing local production and economy with sustainable techniques.
* Highlighting and viewing of restaurants, catering stores and hospitality businesses that focus on the use of local products, cooked with local authentic recipes.

* A special sign that will be given to businesses providing food, drinks and accommodation, and that will indicate the percentage of local products & recipes used 20, 30, 50% etc. so that the consumer knows what he is eating.
* Education and awareness on nutrition, ecology, sustainability and food quality issues. Through our exhibitions and related programs we will contribute to the development of the nutritional consciousness of adults, children and professionals in the field of dining.

* The presentation of thematic exhibitions combined with corresponding activities to create a unique experience for our visitors. The subject is extended by tributes to the local cuisines of Greece, the historical development of nutrition and parallel themes such as Nutrition and Art. Accordingly, the future activities will include tasting and participation in culinary workshops where the main role is for the women of every village where they are also guardians of the cultural intangible heritage of each place.

* Grants in collaboration with food engineers, ISO certificates by business category, small scale industry or producer, to give goodwill to each product-business.


Our Philosophy

Panayiotis Kokkalas, coming from a large family of immigrants and having lived for a decade in Germany, concluded that there is no greater warmth & happiness than people sitting at the same table to enjoy together what connects them, the food, creating memorable memories… Tasty memories that can be revived whenever they want to cook simply, authentic food with organic local ingredients.
Γευστικές μνήμες που θα μπορούν να τις ανακαλούν όποτε θέλουν μαγειρεύοντας απλά, αυθεντικά με οργανικά τοπικά υλικά.
We will ensure our sustainability through sponsorships from businesses that embrace our philosophy and want to get in this network of local businesses that highlights local gastronomy.
. . .
In addition, because of Grecopath's readability as well as its distinction in the quality of the service, the visitors trust it and ask during their stay in each area, where to eat this or the other specific type of food, or where to buy one or the other.
So your entry in our gastronomy guide is not just an electronic one where our website will suggest the company but also in real, that is, guests who will close culinary experiences with us will be directed to your business, or even if you do not close a package with us, again the in our gastronomic guide registered business will be suggested.

Future Plans

We remain faithful to our vision and our commitment to continuous improvement, healthy partnerships and steady growth. We invest in digital technologies that will contribute to the unique and complete experience of our visitors. Finally, our team is constantly boosted by new talents and experienced professionals in the field.