The logo of Grecofood is inspired by the Greek poet Odysseus Elytis who said:
“If you decompose Greece, at the end you will see that an olive tree, a vine and a boat will have remained with you. Which means: with so much you build it up again.”

Since the ancient years the three aspects Wine, Wheat, Olive were known, so why should we look for something else; Since the simple is not only timeless but also true and will travel you, and will take you a step closer… to the delicious tastes of Greece.

Do you remember where the word “nostimos=delicious” comes from? It comes from Nostos, which means return for the homeland. And because the return to the homeland is so sweet, we have come to call every food we like delicious. Don’t forget that the only thing Odysseus wished for was to see the smoke rising in the sky from the fires that were blazing in his homeland, Ithaki, where the people were heating and baking their food, and afterwards he could die… so much he longed for the Nostos.

So come and join us to travel together on the same boat along with Odysseus, because… “The past is our future”