Food Tours


Grecofood can organize food tours for you, according to the season and your nutritional preferences, in various cities in Greece.

The manager of the food tours is an Executive Chef and the choice of shops that will offer you local delicacies has not happened accidentally.
The products offered are fresh, from local producers and hand-made from authentic local recipes.

Additionally, we have access to the kitchen of each store so that we can serve the dishes with the desired food style.

As locals, we also know the owners and where they source their main ingredients. Just trust us!

In addition to the food tours, we can also organize special VIP eclectic food tours or wine, olive oil, cheese, yogurt and wine tastings.


Throughout the year


In what regions-cities?

Nafplio, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Athens, Kalamata and other regions upon request.



From 3-4 hours
Depending on your free time and the overall experience you want to gain, you can combine other parallel activities such as:
Small tours on the paths and sights of each area on foot or by bicycle.



Depending on people, and parallel activities.